Smart Meets Beauty

"POPSUGAR has a beauty line?!" Thats what I said when I unboxed this package.  POPSUGAR made a line with healthy, smart ingredients inspired by feedback from POPSUGAR's network of 100M beauty junkies, so with that knowledge-- I have high hopes for these products!

Beauty by POPSUGAR is available exclusively at Ulta Beauty. The packaging is gorgeous, it gave me good Easter vibes-- that timing was ON POINT! Good job on that, marketing team ;)

I gave each product photographed below a try except for the Liquid Velvet Lip which may be a tad too light but we'll see soon and the blotting sheets.  I ditched blotting sheets a few years ago.  Like many, I tend to get super oily during warmer temps and when I use blotting papers I always end up missing a spot and those missed shiny spots are so dreadful when you're not opting for the dewy look. I prefer a translucent blotting powder applied with a brush, it leaves a more polished look after using it to touch up

My Thoughts on the Be Smooth Sugar Lip Scrub is that it could have been a bit more sugary. I look for a good grainy feel when it comes to a lip scrub and I've circled this one around on my lips quite a bit and have yet to get that grain, it's a bit too smooth for a scrub. [Update on 3/27: After wearing down the top layer of the scrub, it is nice and grainy... perfect! It does a great job at resurfacing the lips especially after wearing a liquid matte lippie] My favorite product within this package so far is the Be Calm Lip Save, it is absolutely amazing, the perfect consistency and the smell is so light and pleasant.  Any how, there are more facets to the POPSUGAR beauty line however, these are the products that I received.  I'm going to keep using the sugar scrub to see if it gets better further in the tube and continue playing with the lippies and I'm sure I'll serve you an update via my YouTube channel in the near future. We'll chat soon!

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