I Used a Portable Essential Oil Diffuser-- Here's What Happened When I Tried It

I've always been a rather anxious person, but even more so after becoming a mom, it kicked in x100. I've used and currently use meditation, calming teas, essential oil diffusers around the house and calming spa tunes to help with my ever so anxious nature. I recently came across an ad featuring a portable essential oil diffuser... Wait, what?! I can enjoy aromatherapy anywhere?

There isn't any tobacco, no nicotine, artificial ingredients, GMOs, gluten, diacetyl, or propylene glycol. In fact, Monq uses high-quality essential oils from reputable farms, blended by scientists and aromatherapy experts.

So, what did Monq do for me?

Usually, I work myself up because of all of the work I have to get done, I try to organize, run out for a coffee (like that's going to help my anxiety) and tell myself I'm going to knock the work out. The coffee gives me way too much energy at once and soon comes crashing down leaving me feeling drained. I decided to try 'Zen' first - I noticed that I was more productive, I believe using 'Zen' allowed me to focus and stay on task. I really kept telling myself to keep that momentum and ended up getting a lot done.

Monq is available in 11 different blends, I received them all and gave each a try over the past week and I love the essential oil blends used in each, they're perfectly fitting to the name of each blend. I pick up Zen, Active & Sleepy most.

Whether you want to feel sexy, vibrant or like you're in the forest, a portable essential oil diffuser is a great option to boost your mood.

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