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Are You Looking For A Good Sunscreen?

Updated: Jan 17, 2022

You're in the skin care aisle at the store, reading every bottle and they're all promising to do all of the things you've always looked for in a sunscreen, right. Once you've finally made your decision you get home and realize that the whole thing was a lie *struggle face*

I've had my share of SPF fails, leaving the house feeling like all is good with the new sunscreen only to look into the mirror in natural light and realize that I'm slightly purple!

Memorial Day weekend is here, and we're traveling up north for a day trip to enjoy nature. I love the outdoorsy life and years ago sun protection wouldn't have even been an option for me because of all of the struggles listed above.

I'm happy that Olay was able to change my relationship with sunscreen. Over a year ago, Olay proved to me that sunscreen doesn't have to leave me a sticky, oily, tinted mess. I've been using @Olay's SPF products for over a year and have been loving their new Facial Sunscreen + antioxidants with SPF 35 +shine control to protect my skin every day!

I love this sunscreen for so many reasons for one, it is light weight so you can pair it with your favorite moisturizer, it leaves no residue whatsoever! No worries, it won't clog your pores ^_^

Have you given this sunscreen a try? If not, get it here and let me know what you think once you've tried it!

FTC: post is sponsored by Olay, all thouhgts are my own

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