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Are You Sick of Your Tattoo?

Updated: Aug 20, 2019

When I was 19, my cousin and I got matching tattoos after having a heartfelt and very emotional moment. I loved the tattoo at first, but eventually, it became something that no longer fit me, and it had come to be an annoying sight to see. My thought to remove it was merely that for a couple of years, I didn't want to hurt my cousins' feelings by removing something that we got together. I decided to have a conversation with my cousin about it and come to find out; she was ready to have hers removed too! I finally chucked up the nerve to start doing research and got serious about the removal process. I had a few consultations that gave me no hope at all until I finally came across a great doctor that knows her stuff and made me feel so comfortable and confident in the process. Check out the first video for all of the deets and a peek my 2nd laser session.

I completed the laser tattoo removal process, check out my current results!

I did my first session at the beginning of 2018 and my last session, which was just a tiny zap was in October. I live in Arizona and saw Dr.Mundt at Delete Tattoo Removal & Laser Salon.


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