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Are You Still Natural If You Wear Braids?

So there I was, braiding my natural hair that is bleached to oblivion *hehe* some would argue and say that I am no longer natural at this point *shrugs*. Word on the street though...if you braid your natural hair you're also no longer considered to be natural. Where do you stand on this?


I recently shared videos on my youtube channel raising the questionWhat happened to the natural hair community?! some of the comments opened my eyes again and reminded me just what may have contributed to the downfall of the community. There is a lot of judgement passed at how individuals choose to wear their hair and TBH, it just isn't that deep. At the end of the day, natural or not, people should choose to wear their hair in which ever style makes them feel good and change that up as often as they would like.

I have enjoyed each style that I have had, I've learned that each style comes with maintenance--- Going straight or short just switches up your hair routine but there is still a routine involved. We don't have to make the excuse of needing more time to change our hair. We change our hair because we want.

xx, Brosia

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