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Birthday Plans... But I was Fighting For My Life

Its been a rough week for me, I have physically been down all week, involuntarily. I was released from the hospital right before the weekend, I won't get into the details of my health but I am taking care of myself and being treated. Though I know so many of you have my best at heart, the internet is a world where I really don't feel like I can freely and safely express myself ...Its not the early 2000's anymore *ugly cry* any how.

Today is my birthday (5/8) and I had plans to celebrate my birthday in the most relaxing way. These were the plans I had booked/planned before all hell broke loose in my body.


  • Celebratory Lunch w/ Family at California Pizza Kitchen, I haven't dined inside in forever and I've been thinking about that delicious butter cake. OMG I'm salivating as I type this! Next time you go here don't forget dessert-- Come back and let me know how bomb it was!


  • Massage at The Now Massage - now this was a place that I recently discovered when I started thinking about what to do for my bday weekend. Knowing I am well past due for a massage I googled to find something new and of course...aesthetic and this place had great reviews and was stunning. I can not wait to reschedule once I'm well. BTW they have locations all across the US


  • Take advantage of my free birthday coffee from one of the 4 places that kindly sent that HAPPY BIRTHDAY, YOUR DRINK IS ON THE HOUSE email

I will more than likely be grabbing the new Sea Salt Caramel Granita from The Human Bean *yum*

  • Walk the Japanese Friendship Garden - it is one of my favorite places to go for a peace of mind. Its absolutely beautiful, you can find a spot and just get lost in the beauty of it all. If you're ever in Phoenix I highly recommend you check it out.

  • Bake Mini Bundt Cakes with the kids - I bought THIS BUNDT CAKE PAN about 4 years ago and use it so much!

  • Eat something yummy at home-- leaning toward pizza, 'cause the planned weekend didn't happen)

  • Relax for the rest of the day

These things will go down sooner than later <3 in the mean time, I'm taking a break from the internet and will solely be updating my website while I heal. Also just realized that this sounds like I may have gotten an elective surgery like a mommy makeover for my birthday *side eye* totally did not have surgery but my body is healing and I'm giving it the time it needs.

xx, Brosia

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