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Can't Decide On A Protective Style?

Updated: Aug 20, 2019

I've done just about every protective style in the book. Okay, I know I'm exaggerating because there are a few styles off the top of my head that I KNOW good well that I have not done-- but it's on my to-do list! On an honest note though, I've done a pretty darn good job at creating an arsenal of all of the protective styles that I have done. Not all of my videos are step by step tutorials but I have always been sure to share the deets on any and every protective style I have worn.

For my current braid style I used Zury Pre-Streched Fast Hollywood Braid Triple color: 33 I purchased it from my local beauty supply store for $3.99 a pack and I used 1 full back and 2 bundles of the second pack. If you're not getting the 3 bundle pack I'd say you will need approximately 5 bags of hair, maybe even 6. It's better to have too much hair because who wants to have to go to the supply store for more hair, looking all crazy!? Not me!

Why do I protective style?

I protective style to give myself and my hair a break. As a beauty influencer, I'm constantly doing my hair-- trying and reviewing new products for the sake of well, You, Sis. I do what I do to help you experience less bad hair days and learn what may or may not work for your hair. Because of all of the time I spend doing my hair, protective styling is critical for my sanity. Though I enjoy styling my hair, it feels good to not have to figure out which style I'm going to do for the week while I'm in protective mode. I plan on returning to my regularly scheduled natural hair content in August 2019.

For more protective styles, check out my Protective Style Playlist of styles ranging from styles like faux locs, twists, crochets and so much more!

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