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Don't Let Another Instagram Shut Down Affect You

Instagram has been acting pretty funky for the past few months. I am constantly prompted to log in, sometimes I'm prompted to request a code to my phone (which is my correct phone number) and the code never comes. I've experienced extremely low engagement and I know for a fact that this affects so many others because I see content all over the web about the decreased Instagram engagement. The algorithm is all funked up and honestly, I'm over it.

Instagram has become a number 1 platform for so many and for many reasons. Not only is Instagram a place to connect with like minded individuals (I've gained so many sisters around the world, I love you girls!) Instagram is also a stream of income and a place to market for FREE! For those that depend on Instagram to market their services and products, today isn't a good day. You may be puzzled, you're looking at sales and they've dipped. You're in the red because Instagram is down.

I recently had a conversation with a good girlfriend of mine over dinner and we talked about the plummet of social media. Putting all of your eggs into the good ole Instagram basked isn't smart. We talked about marketing the old fashion way, word of mouth, by just being out and talking to those around us instead of solely being tuned into our phones.

Do you remember when most content creators actually used their own domains? Do you remember when you would wake up and open tabs on your computer leading to all of your favorite websites and blogs and you actually read the content & engaged? There were individual communities on each website and you got a chance to be a part of which ever community you wanted to be a part of. Your favorites didn't just disappear on you because some funky algorithm decided they weren’t interesting enough. I know half of you had no idea that I still had a website (hello and welcome!) please add my site to a tab on your computer or save it to your phone home screen.

I feel like I've missed a day of connecting with my sisters and I'm mourning a bit, it hurts. If you have a website or blog page, comment so I can check you out and save your blog to a tab <3 not for just in case another day like this comes along but so we can begin to get back to the basics.

The time of the swipe and go is just so cold. Let's get back to the good ole days, sis.



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