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Updated: Aug 20, 2019

Hey friends! New in, a fun package from e.l.f

The Jelly Pop line brings watermelon-infused beauty that melts into the skin. That seems like a rather literal statement, peep the first video below and take a look at the jelly-like consistency.  

What in the Jelly Pop is goin' on here? This line consists of 6 products + a brush

Face & Eye Gloss


Juicy Gloss

Flush Blush

Stipple Brush

Watermelon Gel Moisturizer

Watermelon Cleanser

e.l.f. mini fridge
e.l.f. Jelly Pop line

I opened this package and got so excited when I saw the mini-fridge. A few friends and I were recently talking about these cuties for cooling and warming skincare products like sheet masks and face rollers!

This mini-fridge can heat and cool you can find these things everywhere including right here on Amazon for under $40.

Alright, so the packaging is super cute, the whole jelly concept is fun and I do love watermelon quite a bit --it has been a hit in the skincare industry over the past couple of years, so they're doing all of the right things for this line marketing-wise -- But what's it really like?

After actually wearing the makeup, the blush is fine, feels good on the face even though I didn't get the best application for my first try I have high hopes for it. As for the eye jelly, it looked cute at first but I did experience a whiteish cast in the crease which could have happened because I applied quite a bit to that crease area.

Overall this is a fun line that won't make your bank account unhappy!

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