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Google Nest Mini Hack

I have had Google Nest Mini's all over my house for 5+ years. I keep them all All over the house because they're so handy to have to broadcast through the house so I don't have to yell, ask questions to Google, set timers, bell reminders to keep us on track throughout our day, may music, the list goes on and on. If you don't have one two or three, run..don't talk. Or just tap the link add to cart and checkout ASAP 😁


I have a rabbit who loves to chew cords and a cat that treats every cord like a toy. Last year I stumbled across these wall mounts that allow you to seamlessly tuck away your cords making the whole setup child and pet friendly.

Having this mount has kept my Google nest mini out of the way and safe from spills, especially the minis that I keep in the kids bathrooms.

I did some searching this morning for a similar solution for my Google Nest Hub and stumbled across these options!

Option 1

Option 2

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