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Hey Mama, Here's The Truth About STRETCH MARKS

Updated: Jan 17, 2022

I'm big on moisturizing, less for stretch mark prevention-- preventing them would just be a bonus but more so because I simply can not stand the feeling of dry skin, especially a dry baby bump! To be honest, with my first pregnancy I moisturized like crazy and my focus actually was to prevent stretch marks. I used so many products that promised to prevent stretch marks, hit 30ish weeks and *BOOM!* The stretch marks came. I wasn't devastated at all, I simply realized that there are just some things we can not control-- THEY'RE GENETIC. no mater how much elbow grease we put in.

So with that said, this time around, my mind has solely been set on keeping my skin moisturized. The combo I've used throughout my entire pregnancy has been this Mama Belly Butter by Lilah James topped off with Bio Oil.

Mama Belly Butter // Bio Oil

I just ran out of my Mama Belly Butter but right on time, I received some goodies from Calm A Mama. I started using the Mama Belly Balm over this past weekend and though I usually opt for a butter layered with an oil this balm may just work for me. Like the butter, I apply the balm 2-3 times a day or whenever my tummy feels dry. Yesterday I went to reapply mid day and noticed my tummy was still moisturized from my morning application. The balm seems to keep my skin moisturized really well.

Mama Belly Balm

In addition to the Belly Balm, I also received the Nipple Nurture Balm and Sleep Drops. I'll have to give you an update on both of these in the near future since I haven't gotten around to trying them out yet.

Calm A Mama products are certified organic, which is excellent news because if you're a breastfeeding/pumping mama with sore nipples, you'll need a balm to ease things-- but you'll want to make sure it doesn't contain any of the bad stuff because your baby will get a bit of that when he/she/they latch on and even if you're strictly pumping, a bit of that balm may end up in your milk so just keep that in mind.

Nipple Nurture Balm // Sleep Drops

For more of my fav. pregnancy self-care products watch this video

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