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I Tried Naptural85's Hair Care Line!

Updated: Aug 20, 2019

My YouTube Sista, Whitney (Naptural85) launched Melanin Hair Care last year and though I am a little late to the party of trying these products, I'm happy I finally decided to come to the party because these products are the truth!

I'm a big blog and forum reader and couldn't help but find myself annoyed by the negativity coming from some sistas about this launch. "It's too late, she should have did this years ago" "Those prices!" "Why just 2 products" Listen, these prices are along the lines of all of the other natural hair care products that we see in stores today. The 2 hair products that she released are superb and I'm certain this she will not be stopping there. Think of all of the wonderful recipes that she shared on her Youtube platform, I know she&#