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I Tried Pattern On My Type 4 Natural Hair

When Tracee Ellis Ross announced her hair care line I was ecstatic. Though we are totally different hair types, the way she rocks her hair is goals! From straight back braids to a frizzy fro down to a slicked back bun. She has been candid about her struggle finding hair products that work for her. With that said, my expectations were high.

The Verdict

PATTERN HYDRATION SHAMPOO $20 for 13oz. $45 for 29oz.

When it comes to a shampoo, for me, it has to be a detangling shampoo that offers lots of slip and hydrates my coils. This one did just that and it actually exceeded my expectations with the amount of moisture that it provided! I also have to mention that all of the products within the Pattern line smell humble and soft.


This conditioner is so thick and creamy, it coated my type 4 coils perfectly and provided good moisture! Since I've been wearing my hair straight lately, I need all of the moisture that I can get!

The leave-in helped to make my coils pop, provided lots of moisture and best of all I love that it wasn't too heavy. Any time I use a thicker leave-in I'm left with white chunks in my hair, with this one was perfect.

Not too much to say on the serum, I think it's important to have one of these in your hair care stash and it's all preference on what oil you like. I like Jojoba, my hair likes it so it did the job!

I do wish that there was a styler within the line but I suppose these products were released to see what the congregation would think and in turn, the brand will take note on it all and then *BOOM!* more amazing product i.e. a styler launches! I think the brand did good for a first launch. For this wash and go look I styled my hair with TGIN Butter Cream Daily Moisturizer and Honey Baby Naturals Hold It Honey Styling Gel

The Add-on's

The towel was a but funky, I have a little head and not much hair any more and I couldn't actually turban it which is what I was expecting to do since all of my other hair towels allow me to do that. However, I recently watched Tracee Ellis Ross' Guide To Curly Hair video on the Vogue YouTube channel and the way she wrapped the towel around her head really gently was unlike the way I'm use to wrapping my towel. I've actually never seen anyone wrap it like that and I am willing to give the towel another shot!

Products mentioned were gifted to me, c/o PATTERN

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