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I Tried Period Proof Underwear

Updated: Jan 16, 2020

I remember when I first started my period as a teen my pads felt like diapers. It was so miserable. I remember always wrapping a sweater around my waist (even in the summer) because panty lines weren’t all I was worried about. I was so nervous that the outline of my humongous pad would be visible!

I love how women have so many options to catch the flow these days!

So... I tried period panties! Not the ugly pair that we all opt for during that time of the month just in case there is leaking... I mean LITERAL period panties, in place of a tampon/pad.

Lilova sent me their Olivia thong and the cut alone is usually a big no no during that time of the month for me. This little thong is suppose to soak up half of what a tampon soaks up?!

How sway?

The underwear is composed of 4 different layers that go all the way to the back

  • The 1st layer is a moisture-wicking cotton inner layer for softness and breathability

  • The 2nd layer is an anti-microbial lining to fight bacteria and odors

  • The 3rd layer is a super-absorbent fabric to hold up to 2 tampons' worth

  • The 4th layer is a leak-resistant nylon outer layer to keep it all in

How much does it hold

This particular thong style holds 0.5 tampons worth and there are also styles that hold up to 2.5 tampons worth

How Long do they last

The panties should remain effective for many years if you follow the 3 simple clean and care rules. Rinse after use. Machine wash on the cold cycle. Hang dry.

Other uses:

Occasional Spotting

Postpartum Bleeding

Regular Discharge

Mild Stress Incontinence and Light Bladder Leaks

Everyday and Heavy Sweat

The Evolution

In 2017 I began wearing “better for you” pads and tampons, Free of chemicals, dyes, fragrances, etc. I stayed clear of placing chemicals in or around my precious lady bits.

In January 2019 I tried out the Diva cup and never looked back at pads. I would literally forget that my aunt flow was even visiting me.

Now to the current day, testing out these lovely period panties! No diva cup inserted, lots of anxiety but *looks down to check the chair* NO LEAKING, SIS! For me, this thong, which holds .5 of a tampon is great to wear on that final day when you THINK flow is all done but you laugh hard enough and realize she had only run an errand and stepped away for a few hours and decided to show a lil more face *chuckles*!

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