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Nesting | Preparing For A Home Birth

I'll be having a home birth this time around

Listen... I prayed many days and nights to make it past the 36-week mark (I had my first baby at 36 weeks), and when I finally made it past, I was in go mode, ordering everything my midwife had on 'The List.'

Baby girl can arrive at any moment now! According to the Preglife app (one of a few pregnancy apps that I use), 95% of births happen between weeks 37 and 41. I spent the weekend nesting and ordering a few little but significant things that I noticed I did not have-- like newborn size diapers... uh, what a no brainer and extra towels that can get tossed away if need be. Oh, and finally, one of those contactless temperature takers, I've always wanted one of those.

Back to nesting, so here is my bedroom, my place of calm. Links to where the decor and furniture are from is listed below the video. I'll be posting a video on YouTube sharing what I actually picked up for the actual birth

Canopy king bed frame // Palm leaf shadowbox art // Soho Glider chair and ottoman in Canvas color // Bedside Swivel Sleeper // Archer Lacquered Linen Side tables // Table lamps are from HomeGoods // Mirrors above nightstands // Pinched Pleat Comforter Set

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