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Our Evening Rhythm

4PM Clean up

This is the start of our wind down process, during this time we turn off all devices and play our favorite music or nursery rhymes. My motto is clean but make it an enjoyable thing.

5PM Prepare dinner

If I didn't get a jump start earlier in the day and already have dinner ready by this time, this is when I invite the littles over to help/watch me cook. I've noticed that when the littles are involved in the cooking or at least see the love put into the food, they actually eat it!

5:30/6ish Eat dinner

Again, no technology at the dinner table. This is our time to chat about the day, what we're looking forward to for the next day and just have silly chat!

6:30/7ish Bath, Book + Bed

Sometimes we're really on top of things and they're both sound asleep by 7:55pm but I aim to have the kids asleep by 8:30pm. For those restless nights, I use NatrolⓇ Kids Melatonin and my little bun is usually asleep within 30 minutes. If you're the one having trouble getting to sleep Natrol has us mamas covered, too!

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