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The Streets Are Talking...

Maybe you've been under a rock or haven't walked the Target isles in a bit but the streets are talking about Saltair Serum Body Wash and there are a lot of mixed reviews.

Not to toot my horn about trying this serum before the hype, but yea girl, I picked this up in the Santal Bloom scent quite some time ago and instantly fell in love. I live in Arizona and its dry dry so I appreciate its moisturizing components. I have seen some complaints about this not having a great lather and many comparisons to other body wash brands but let me enlighten you... If you zoom in and read the small font above that pretty aesthetic logo, you'll notice that it reads SERUM BODY WASH. With that in mind, its like comparing the consistency of your facial serum to a facial cream, they're totally different.

When it comes to cleansing there are certainly different strokes for different folks, some people absolutely must have a thick lather otherwise they don't feel clean. This serum body wash lathers beautifully, its like a creamy foam. I highly recommend Saltair if you have dry skin or if you live in a very dry environment like Arizona//Vegas, you get it. :)

I've only used the Santal Bloom scent but there are so many to choose from!

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