Revlon recently released their Ultra HD Vinyl Lip Polish in12 stunning colors that are sure to keep you looking summer time fine for 2019. I swatched 11 of their colors in my recent video and to be quite honest, all of the colors can get a YAAAS from me.

Though all of the shades are flattering if I had to sum it there are 4 must-haves in my book:

Date Night, Power Up, Game On and Berry Bliss

Shop The Video:

@1:15 Date Night @1:31 Act Natural @1:48 Birthday Suit @2:01 Power Up @2:25 Fearless Who @2:52 Rule The World @3:09 Game On @3:34 Berry Bliss @3:56 Violet Frenzy @4:17 Shes On Fire @4:33 Cherry On Top So Shady can be seen in this video

*Some affiliate links are used, which means, if I inspired you, I may earn a commission, should you decide to click that link and make a purchase. Don't worry, it won't cost you extra ^_^

FTC: Not sponsored however, product was gifted by brand.

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