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Weekday Self Care

Who said we have to wait for the weekend to unwind?! I had a facial done earlier this week at the new Heyday location in San Tan and the experience was 👏🏾 everything 👏🏾10/10 highly recommend.

It’s wild to say that it had been three whole years since my last spa treatment. I was blaming that large time gap on being a busy tired overwhelmed, overstimulated mom to two but let me not forget that a whole pandemmy happened during that time that certainly got in the way of my routine spa days.


That microderm hydro wand did my skin good!

Though the self care never stopped at home, this was a form of self care I didn’t realize I truly do need. 
✍🏾Adding more spa days to my planner. 🧖🏾‍♀️
**massage next week! **

This is your sign to book a facial!

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