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What I Did To Increase My LOW IRON

Updated: Jan 17, 2022

I started my day off early with Floradix at 5am. After eating breakfast around 7:30/8AM I took my prenatal and any other supplement my body required at the time along with 3 desiccated liver capsules. Around 11AM I would mix a droplet full of the Iron Rich herbal syrup provided by my midwife. In the evening, an hour after dinner I took an iron pill called Hema-Plex and 3 desiccated liver capsules.

I am not a medical professional or advisor. I am just sharing some of the suggestions I received from my midwife and the things that worked best for me. While doing my iron trial and error, I was consistently observing— taking notes & having my blood work done by a professional on a monthly basis.

Our bodies absorb iron at different rates and it is possible to have too much iron and that can be dangerous, even fatal. While I am being specific with you on what I took/am taking, please have your blood checked before self treating and take advice from your doctor/herbalist/etc.

As someone who has always been up and down in iron levels since my teen years I wasn’t surprised that my iron levels trickled down during my pregnancy. Baby was taking all the iron she needs leaving me depleted and feeling weak.

If during pregnancy what ever you were doing for iron was working perfectly, and then suddenly around the 26week mark your levels dropped, don't panic. It is normal for your iron to drop around that time, your baby is taking more blood from you at this point. Add more spinach or beef to your diet-- your iron levels usually tend to level out after a couple of weeks from this point.

Give it some time, it can take a while for iron to show improvement on your blood work even if you’re already feeling better Your lab results may not pick up improved iron until a few weeks or a month later.

Good source of iron

Dark green leafy veggies like spinach


Beans | Lentils


Food that helps your body absorb iron

Food you shouldn’t consume 1-2 hours before/after taking iron

Dairy Products/Milk



Fiber rich foods like raw veggies and whole grains.

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